Student Use

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This page gives you (as a student user) an overview of your use of the graph.

How to

To use this page all you need to do is log in and this page should display the information connected to your personal item. Otherwise it will display the example student Max Mustermann.

NOTE: Your username needs to be the same as the english label of your personal item. For further information on how to do this you can check the ExampleStudent or CGBV page. Or you can take a direct look at the Max Mustermann item.

Your Graph

An Overview

This query gives an overview of all items that you have linked to from your personal item.

An overview of all linked items for Max Mustermann

It shows the courses that you participate in. The items that you have completed. And the items that you are interested in.

Path to interest

The query returns a small learning path that shows you all items that you are interested in and their direct prerequisites.

The direct prerequisites to all items that Max Mustermann is interested in.


This query gives an overview of all courseworks to be done for the courses that you participate in.

The courses that Max Mustermann participates in and their (completed) coursework

It shows the completed coursework. And the, yet to be completed, but mandatory coursework.

A direct learning path

This query will give you a full learning path to an item. Meaning that the given graph will contain all prerequisites to the wanted item, as well as the direct postrequisites.

Input a custom value or just run the query to see an example. (Note: Autocomplete not currently working.)